As a full-stack developer with over 10~ years of experience I’ve worked on a variety of projects. These have ranged from simple one-pagers to large-scale sites built with fully functioning CMS.

For the buzzwords: I have experience in React, Laravel, Squarespace, Silverstripe, custom PHP scripts and integrations, responsive design (mobile-first), git ( I favor Git flow, but have worked with trunk-based development ) and a whole host of additional APIs and frameworks.

I enjoy getting down into the finer details of a project and talking about the best option, the best way, the best solution with everyone involved.
Everyone offers a unique view and somewhere in these ideas is something great.

Once we've smashed out that something great, there is always something better we can do, that's the nature of the beast.

In my spare time, I enjoy craft beer, video games and hanging out with my friends.